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All prices exclude VAT - if you are based in France I will charge VAT. If you are elsewhere in the EU and have a VAT number in your home country, I will not charge VAT but there may be VAT to pay in your home jurisdiction. Significant discounts are available for charity/not-for-profit clients. 

For more details on pricing and packages, go to my Help Centre.

Zendesk Explore Training

I don't read from a script. Your team will be trained in how Explore works based on your workflow. 

Session packs are available according to your needs. This includes prep time/scoping and follow-up, and Q&A/snagging for advanced and enablement training.

Basic training - €450
1 session

Advanced training - €750
2 sessions

Enablement training - €1.000
3 sessions including a workshop


Strategic Consulting

The key things to remember are what we want to measure, how we want to measure them, to whom we want to communicate, and, most importantly - *why*. 

Look at the content on 3-D thinking to help with this.

All of this depends on your situation - B2B or B2C. What you do. What you want to do. How it works. How it should work. Who you work for, and who you work with. 

I have over 20 years experience of working with businesses and organisations in many sectors to really understand them.






Zendesk Explore Build

If you don't have the time (or the energy!) to build your own reports, I can take that off your hands. 

Following your requirements, and adding my questions and recommendations, we can make sure your reporting is what you need.

Packages include validation of your needs, confirmation of the specification, the build, presentation, and follow-up / snagging.

Standard pack (one day) - €1.500
Standard pack (two day) - €2.500

Strategic pack (one day) - €2.000
Strategic pack (two day) - €2.500


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